Headwater uses state of the art technology to provide effective and complete assessments. We offer a variety of performance testing capacities and NPSH testing for the most accurate results.

Performance Testing Capacities
  • 10,000 GPM Max Flow Rate
  • 600 Horsepower Maximum
  • Testing pressure to 1,472 PSI/ 3400’ TDH
  • Testing live well depth 80 by 36” diameter
  • 480, 2300, or 4160 test voltages available
  • Automated 21 point testing
  • Real time automated performance testing and report generation
  • Internet access witness testing
  • Custom adaptations available

NPSH tests are performed in a completely closed-loop system, incorporating a separate 10,000 gallon recirculation tank and a 4,000 gallon supply tank, utilizing screens and baffles. The Type II – Single-Stage test determines the NPSHR for a constant flow rate by regulating the NPSHA via the vacuum system. The NPSHA is gradually reduced until an overall drop of the total head meets the 3% industry standard required to indicate cavitation.

  • Tests include a complete Single-Stage performance test ranging from 10 gpm to 8,000 gpm capacities.
  • Three tests consisting of seven points at 80%, 100%, and 120% of the design flow rate required to properly bracket the NPSHA – vs – NPSHR values.
  • Precise pressure regulation controlled by an external vacuum system.
  • Accurate readings of suction pressure, discharge pressure, temperature, and motor speed are recorded at each flow rate.
  • Tests meet and exceed HI and HI testing standards.

When you demand the highest quality, performance, and efficiency, look no further than Headwater. With a full line of products and dependable value added services available for a wide market range, we keep your systems up and running.